Plant Food is Soul Food

Your resource guide to eating whole plant food.

Welcome to HERBAN AF!! 

We are excited for you to be here. Herban AF was actually started back in 2017 as a component of another brand, but since then it has expanded to warrant its own sacred space.

Healthy eating was not something that was discussed in my household, especially coming from a black family. We smothered this and deep-fried that, it wasn't until adulthood I really realized the damage I was doing not only to my body but my mind. 

My anxiety and depression were the worst it had ever been and I was constantly nauseous and bloated after eating.

I knew it was time to change.

I started to learn more about plant-based eating and quickly adopted the lifestyle. I started sharing my meals and foods and sparked interest among others who had similar backgrounds! 

Herban AF is committed to teaching people from our community and beyond about healthy eating and the positive impact not just on us, but the planet as a whole! 

Welcome in! 

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I am changing the experience when it comes to learning. Learning should be fun, self-paced, and interactive. So I have created the perfect program to learn all about being plant-based. Not only will you access my group with TONS of help, resources, and support, but the content outside of Facebook is SO VALUABLE

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